[Re-]thinking Allowed

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I'm grateful to a school-based colleague who recently said to me that what schools need to do is to emphasise re-thinking rather than re-cycling.   Indeed!  was my first thought.  Then I wondered why I'd not come up with something quite as pithy through all my tedious deliberations.  But now I have, albeit in a vicarious sort of way, so that's ok.


The recent TIDE~ conference (see previous blog) used as a heading "Thinking Aloud" as the title of its final plenary session.  There was some deliberation about whether this actually ought to have been "Thinking Allowed" in recognition that QCA (soon to be, at great public expense, QCDA) had now given teachers permission to think.  I'm grateful to another colleague, this time an NGO-based one, for a conversation that asked since when did teachers need anyone's permission to do their job.   

If you're reading this (unlikely, I know) – my thanks to you both.

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