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I spent part of last weekend delving into the Cambridge Primary Review.  It's immediately obvious from even a cursory read why the government's attack dogs were let loose on it so quickly, and ministers much have congratulated themselves on having got their retaliation (well, refutation) in first through its own "independent" [Rose] review.  I hope all all those interested in primary schools and sustainability will manage to read its comments and proposals.  They may be a little uncritical in their view of the effectiveness of Eco-schools, but what they have to say about the aim of promoting interdependence and sustainability, and about their proposed domains of citizenship and ethics, and place and time, deserves close scrutiny – and not just my primary school teachers.  It was a wonderful change to read a review with such a sense of history and breadth of view.

Well done to all my colleagues whose research reports contributed to the review.  Who's for a Secondary Review ...

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