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I experienced some development education the other day.  It with the presenter saying "I like doing things" and that this was to be a "hands-on" session.  We looked at bits of photos of India, putting them together, jig-saw like and then talking about what they showed.  Ours was of a city scape, a dual carriageway road with moving traffic: from gleaming 4x4s, to (equally polished)  three-wheel taxis, and the odd récherche Austin/Morris saloon.  I suggested that the photograph illustrated prosperity: wrong answer, it seemed.  We moved on to a variety of other activities: I to looking at an informative, but dated, banana industry resource pack that showed the evils of global capitalism (which I knew about anyway), and the woman next to me to making "Ghanian" beads out of strips of wallpaper.  I wasn't sure what this was supposed to show; something about the Ghanian economy, I think, where there must be surplus wallpaper if the activity was to make sense.  There was no grounding of any of this in curriculum, pedagogy or learning.  It was just – in Jeremy Clarkson's words about Sudoko – something to pass the time – before we die.

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