No Pressure; No Problemo

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I have been away – two luxurious weeks with little thought of ESD.  I come back to discover that I've missed a mini-drama.  It seems that those well-meaning folk at the 10:10 movement thought it would be a good idea to commission Richard [ 4 weddings and a funeral in Notting Hill ] Curtis to write a short film (oddly only 4 rather than 10 minutes long) to support their campaign to have more people to commit to cutting their carbon footprint by 10% in 2010.  He did this, and the film [ No Pressure ] was duly posted on the 10:10 website only for it to be pulled a few hours later, as the Guardian noted.  It seems, shock / horror, some people were upset.  What's not clear is whether the film was censored because 10:10 were themselves eventually upset by the film, or because they were upset because others were upset (which would never do, of course in these correct times).  I suspect the latter otherwise they'd never have posted the film in the first place.  Anyway, cue groveling apology from Lizzie Gillet, 10:10's global campaign director.

Who was it, I wonder, that didn't know that RC was a satirist?  Who was it that was so trusting that it was only after the film was made, approved and posted that problems were perceived?  Who was it that has wasted so much creative time and effort?  I hope 10:10 trustees are finding out.

Meanwhile, you can watch the film here.  Enjoy.  I did – all 4 gloriously funny minutes of it.  Perhaps it was the idea of executing children and teachers who are sufficiently strong-minded not to be pressured into doing something they don't believe in that was too close to the bone for some viewers?

PS, The Guardian says that more than 96,000 people have now signed up to the 10:10 campaign.  This does not seem a lot.

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  • Nice to see you back... and with a bang!

  • Extraordinary! I am sure Blackadder, if faced with this, would have sought a cunning plan from Baldrick