The TES gets it Badly Wrong

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I have just caught up with a recent story in the Times Education Supplement under the headline: "Climate change strategy falls victim to Tories' anti-centralising drive".  To my bemusement, this turned out to be the Sustainable Schools Initiative.   To describe this as a climate change strategy traduces its intent; its scope and ambition were always far greater than this.  How disappointing the TES has been so off-hand and careless, given its earlier interest and much more nuanced coverage of the initiative.   This does, however, illustrate a growing tendency to reduce the complexity and breadth of sustainability issues to a focus, one way or another, on climate, as the recent Unesco report on ESD in the UK in 2010 noted.  The Department for Education was unavailable for comment, it seems.  As appalled as I was, no doubt.

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