Big Society 0 – Big Brother 1

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Yesterday's Guardian carried a story about a 12 year old schoolboy in the Prime Minister's constituency who has been campaigning against the closure of youth facilities in his town.   The Guardian reports that, on Thursday, he had his collar felt (or heavily breathed on, at least) when an officer from the Thames Valley police visited his school to have a chat.  His offence (actually only the vaguest possibility of an offence at this stage) was to use Face Book to call for a picket of the PM's constituency offices to bring the issue of poor youth facilities to a wider audience.  The school allowed the police to talk to (that is, interview) him on school premises without informing (that is, asking) his parents.  Unsurprisingly, the boy said he found the experience scary.  If you read the Guardian piece you'll see why.

Worth a dozen citizenship lessons, I suppose; but I wonder what he learned.

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