LSIS, NIACE and McDonald's

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On behalf of the Learning & Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), NIACE (with others) have developed Sustaining Our Future which is a "draft framework for moving towards a sustainable learning and skills sector", and there's an online consultation on all this.  I spend more time than I intended filling this in yesterday and was nearly driven to drink it was so dispiriting.   As I am loath to spend even more time thinking about this, I'll only give one example of the problem.  This, is the draft vision:

"A learning and skills sector which maximises and mainstreams environmental, economic and social sustainability"

I was underwhelmed and commented that McDonald's would probably do as well / badly as this.  Actually, they do. McDonald's says:

"Our vision for a sustainable supply chain links responsibility for ethical, environmental and economic outcomes"

It is as though drafting team know which words to use, but cannot communicate what they mean by them.  In Alan Hansen's oft-repeated words: grit and determination, there may be, but there's little sign of flair and imagination.  When the essence is to communicate to people who do not habitually think about such matters, this is crucial.

I wish I could recommend it to you, but when you're only as good as McDonalds,  ...

Posted in: News and Updates


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