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Given how dire so many are, it is often hard to know how (or whether) to respond to a questionnaire, even when it is in your area.  A sense of responsibility says, do it; the need for quality of life retorts, don't be daft.  A long time ago now, a colleague was faced with a questionnaire that had a tear-off corner which showed his unique response number – the idea being that he could remove this if he wished anonymity of response.  As the instrument in question was right down there with UNESCO / UNECE standards of Absolute Direness, he decided to throw the questionnaire away, but return the tear-off corner.

Oddly, perhaps, I was reminded of this when I read a response from a parent to an investigation of a school-based initiative that was encouraging the child to discuss xxxx at home (a popular obsession, this school to home transfer, as you know).

It said:

My child’s involvement in xxxx has had Zero impact (non, nil, zilch) on discussions at home. This is a good thing as time given over to this, to meet the latest government fads is time taken away from real education (by which I mean liberal education rooted in subject-based knowledge, but I doubt you would understand that).

Perfect ...

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