Unesco in "Special Measures" Shock

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Such is the reach of Ofsted's special language games that it has even reached Unesco in the Spotlight which emphasises links between the USA and UNESCO.  Spotlight uses this phrase in its report of the very recent DfID review of the UK Aid programme [ the MAR ], although the report itself doesn't use the phrase.  The gist of this story is that DfID finds that UNESCO's work (as a whole) does not have a good match to UK Aid priorities, and so DfID is wondering whether it should stop its funding.  Two £16m tranches of funding in each of the next two years are promised pending a further review.

Page 204 of the MAR sets out the evaluative comments about UNESCO.  These include:

Despite its importance to some government departments, UNESCO’s significant under-performance in leadership means it is rarely critical in education and development.

UNESCO performs an important role in education policy and reporting. It fills critical gaps in science and culture.

It has poor systems and is unable to identify its results.

Has performed a useful post-disaster role in education planning and protecting cultural heritage, but needs clearer policies and attention to needs in fragile states.

UNESCO has an extensive range of policy and institutional actions on gender and climate change.

It could do more to lead the debate on girls’ education.

More work is needed on its own carbon footprint.
What any of this means for UNESCO in the UK is unclear.  The National Commission's own website is keeping an indiscrete silence [ the last "news" positng was 9th February ].

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