The Impact of Sustainable Schools

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The Department for Education has provided some data on the downloading of the "Evidence of Impact of Sustainable Schools" report that Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Elsa Lee and I produced last year for the DCSF – with much help from the South West Learning for Sustainability  Coalition and others.  The figures are:

March 2010 – 197                    April 2010 - 929

May 2010 – 778                       June 2010 - 468

July 2010 – 287                       August 2010 - 245

September 2010 – 290           October 2010 - 322

November 2010 – 322            December 2010 - 188

January 2011 – 229                 February 2011 - 249

March 2011 - 205 (as of 24 March)

These sum to around 4400, which seems good as it is in addition to a lot of paper copies.  What is particularly encouraging is the way that the numbers have held up month by month, after the decision was made public not to support Sustainable Schools centrally: a testament to the support in the sector for sustainability in schools, perhaps.  We are told by DfE that of the 26 publications on sustainable schools, Evidence of Impact is the only document that will remain intact.  It will be relaunched on the Departmental website once DCSF branding and artwork are removed.  Let's hope it proves useful to the newly launched Sustainable Schools Alliance.

Posted in: News and Updates


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