I, being Born a Sinner and Distressed, ...

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If you've been a sinner but have now seen the light, there's nothing like a public confession to let the world know of your repentance, and to show off your shiny new anti-whatever-it-was credentials and zeal.  St. Paul has a good track record here, as do many environmentalists and other campaigners who have publicly taken on, or given up, various lifestyle options.  In Claire Milne's case it is flying.  Claire is a member of staff at the Bristol Food Hub, and has been in the news lately commenting on a little local difficulty that Tesco has had in the Stokes Croft part of the city where it is trying to establish a niche for its stockholders.

So, no more brilliant Bristol International Airport and rapturous Ryanair — almost a holiday in themselves, of course — for lucky Claire; how I envy her.   I dwell on Ms Milne, not because she's in any sense unusual or remarkable, but because I think that she has come up with the best mea culpa statement I have ever seen.  Here it is.  Enjoy ...

"Claire's work draws on her Masters in Social Anthropology of Development, BSc in Psychology, and professional background in global social justice, along with a lifetime of independent travel – prior to her growing awareness of the climate-criminal credentials of air travel!"

Posted in: News and Updates


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