An Original Day Out at Duchy Farm

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To Duchy Farm yesterday at the invitation of the Food for Life Programme [FFLP].  I think this may have been because I'd had a hand in drafting the Programme's response to the recent National Curriculum consultation – a very interesting process (and outcome) that I've not been able to blog about.

It was a really good day with key people from the Soil Association and FFLP there, and about a dozen head teachers from FFLP schools: excellent conversations.  We had a farm tour, a trailer ride, and were much nuzzled and licked by the cows.  I learned a lot about organic farming techniques, and had not fully appreciated before how low carbon (well, lower carbon) it is, and how integral this is with its economics – where any lowering of yield is balanced by lower costs (no hugely carbon- and water-dependent ammonium nitrate),  and a closed loop approach to soil nutrition and quality.  Ummh!  And, glory be, there were healthy Wych Elms in the woods.

Posted in: News and Updates


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