Greatness thrust upon me

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Sometimes, you just sit there and something nice happens.  This was my experience recently when I was invited to be President of the National Association of Environmental Education — NAEE.   This, almost venerable by now, institution has survived whilst national policies have waxed and waned,  curriculum reviews (and institutions) have come and gone, and the Department for Education has changed its name more times that a typical nuclear reprocessing site or dodgy Spanish property outfit.  I have great admiration for the efforts of the very dedicated people who have kept the flag flying despite all the funding issues they have faced.   That the Association's journal Environmental Education is still published, is another testament to their dedication — and is evidence that there is still a need for what the Association has to offer.

I went to a meeting of the Executive at the weekend after a gap of at least 10 years — it was just like old times.

Posted in: News and Updates


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