Trains and Boats and Planes

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I travelled to Edinburgh to the HEA meets the EMF match by train.   Although this took a  bit longer than flying from Bristol, it meant I got to spend a comfortable and undisturbed time reading Stephen Sterling's Future Fit draft  for the HEA — and wondering whether it really was (more on that later ...).

The journey north turned out to be only marginally longer than by plane as there was no hanging around shopping malls masquerading as airports — and with the considerable bonus that no one demanded to test my toothpaste for explosives.  Coming back was an even better advert for trains as the winds were so fierce across Scotland that flights were cancelled (the ash had not yet arrived).  However, my express had to trundle through the south of Scotland at 50 mph and only speeded up (sort of) when safely in England, so I still had to stay in London overnight as I missed my connection home, and my trip to Taunton for a South West Learning for Sustainability Coalition meeting.  As I was supposed to be chairing the Coalition's AGM, and a regular meeting as well with two distinguished speakers, all this was doubly disappointing.

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