The Olympic Flame is not for Recycling

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I learnt today from a member of LOGOC that the Olympic flame is not any old recycled flame, but is brand new for each games.  Phew!   We were reassured about this at the Wiltshire Assembly meeting today (we were there to discuss the county's Olympic legacy – don't scoff).   So, all those cherished thoughts about keeping the flame burning don't apply – I must have got confused with the tomb of the unknown warrior.   Good news on the CO2 front, of course, and no worries for the Greeks about the gas bill between games.

Folk at the Assembly had other worries though.  The man from Visit Wiltshire wanted to know whether the flame could be photographed at Stonehenge.  Not a chance, it seems, as when it travels round the country on its trek to Stratford will spend a lot of time on a bus – especially when it gets anywhere near neolithic sites.  Why?  Simples really: if there is no promise of crowds, then the flame won't get out of the bus.

Obviously LOGOC can't have been to Stonehenge on a wet summer Sunday, though, as the crowds stop the traffic.

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  • Curious. LOCOG must know that Stonehenge is the country's 6th most visted tourist location with 990,000 visitors per year. And, discounting London, it comes in third after the Roman Baths and Canterbury Cathedral. And after Canterbury is the closest at only 88 miles from London Bridge. LOCOG needs to get out more - I recommend Stonehenge, and on a busy day, Avebury...