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A question for you: When was the last time that anyone interested in sustainability and learning was invited to do anything as significant as this:

A visit to the Paris studios of RTL - France’s most listened-to radio station - to record the 'Element Terre' show hosted by Louis Bodin.  (available online here on 7th August)

Next to France2 to take part in the One O’clock live news, hosted by star presenter Elise Lucet.  (this is France's second most watched TV channel)

Finally, an evening at the British Embassy to make a presentation on the principles of the circular economy with Odile Desforges (Renault’s executive VP, and Chief of Engineering and Quality)

Well, if it’s Paris, Renault and the circular economy, then of course it must be Ellen MacArthur (whom the French tend to revere because they understand sailing better than we do) talking about the work of her Foundation.

And the answer to the question …

Posted in: News and Updates


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