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I've been watching the latest video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on You Tube.  Good stuff.

I liked the idea of biodegradable glasses (24 seconds in) and wondered if this is a genuine innovation, or just wishful thinking.  More seriously, as one of the EMF's key points is that biological components keep their nutrient value as they are consumed or die, I think it a shame that we seem to be stuck with the word biodegrade, when degrade is just what they do not do.   Time for a campaign, maybe.

How about biocycle?

Well, this gave 338k hits on Google (or thereabouts), and evidently there are websites, conferences, magazines, bulletins, journals, etc. devoted to nothing else, but how many of these hits relate to ' biocycle ' as a verb?  Indeed, do any?  I confess I have not looked at them all.

Along the way, however, I have picked up lots of wise advice.  The following stand out:

Manure is not a four letter word

Waste is a verb not a noun

Just remember where you heard these first.  Time for some composting ...

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, Talks and Presentations


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