Pestering Parents with Questions

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The Co-op has been researching children's and parents' views on environmental issues and concludes that "pupils want lessons on green issues".  This is good news for them as it fits nicely with their Green Schools Revolution programme.

The Press Association brief that has been sent round notes that

"children are so concerned about the environment that they would rather learn about it than traditional subjects such as science and history"

— thought not than maths or English it seems.  Just how they are going to do that without studying science is not made clear, but perhaps it's a comment on how disengaged school science is from issues in the contemporary world.

Parents come across as a pretty i'll-informed bunch – not much different from the rest of us, it seems.  Actually, I mis-read the report on first reading.  I thought it said that 34% of parents thought that "acid rain has a hole" [in climate change] which makes as much sense as some other things you hear.  However, what it actually said was that 34% of parents thought that "acid rain has a role ..."  which, given the significance (one way or another) of sulphate aerosols, may just be right — but this isn't the interpretation the Co-op wants.

Tricky things, surveys.

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