Rambling locally – thinking globally?

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Now that Hetan Shah has moved on (and up) to the Royal Statistical Society – and I do wonder what odds you could have got against that a year ago – Think Global has acquired a new CEO: Tom Franklin who has been chief executive of the Ramblers Association for 4 years or so.  He starts in January.  On its latest e-Noticeboard, TG Chair, Roger Clarke, says:

“Think Global selected Tom from a strong field of candidates. The panel was impressed by Tom’s vision for the work of Think Global and expertise as a chief executive of a successful membership body.  We look forward to Tom leading our mission to help people understand global issues such as poverty and climate change and learn how they can help create a more just and sustainable world.”

Whilst it might seem a big step (as it were) from RA to TG, Franklin said:

"I'm really pleased to be joining Think Global, a charity which has done so much to promote global learning, particularly in schools.  So many of the big issues of today – whether climate change, terrorism or poverty – need to be seen from a global perspective.  Through thinking about issues in a global context, people can be empowered to take individual action to help find solutions.  This is an exciting time for Think Global."

Indeed it is.  I wonder if he'll be taking his wire-cutters with him.  I should declare an interest here as I am a paid-up member of the Association, and view its work, both historically and in recent times, very positively – and it clearly is a successful membership organisation.  Whilst the Association clearly has an interest in environmental issues, I'd not seen Tom Franklin's commitment to the global dimension to be particularly influential in what the Ramblers do.  Perhaps I've not been looking carefully enough.

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