The Isle of ... Green

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The Economist carries a short piece this week on well-connected efforts to make the Isle of Wight self-sufficient in just about everything: the Isle of Green.  However, as an irregular traveller on the Red Jet service from Southampton to Cowes, I reckon the Island is missing a trick or two.

As Red Jet has no toilets on board its hovercrafts, the Ecoisland partnership might find ways of incentivising passengers to wait until they reach Cowes before relieving themselves, instead of doing it on the mainland.  With much needed extra water from the pee, and fertilizer from the poo, the Island could be quids in – though RedJet might need more emergency mops and buckets.

Posted in: News and Updates


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  • The redjet is , as the name suggests, a jet rather than a hovercraft but the point must be sound: the island sometimes has double its regular population when visitors arrive for festivals so why not harness their involuntary gifts instead of bemoaning the cost of maintaining public toilets