If only we'd listened to Daisaku Ikeda

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In a mailing to the SHED-SHARE network last week, Manchester's Adele Aubrey wrote:

"... Daisaku Ikeda actually proposed the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.  ... Ikeda believes the decade of education for sustainable development should be promoted with the following three goals in mind ...

  • To learn and deepen awareness of environmental issues and realities.
  • To reflect on our modes of living, renewing these toward sustainability.
  • To empower people to take concrete action to resolve the challenges we face."

Adele added that she thought that these three goals are relevant for students at all levels, and it's hard to disagree as the three statements neatly sum up the issues we face:

environmental limits               unsustainable modes of living               the need for action by everyone

What a pity, then, that no one who mattered listened to his straightforward language.  If they had, we might well have been spared the reification of 'ESD' and all the confusion that goes with it.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates, Talks and Presentations


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