EE in the USA: not an academic in sight

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I'm watching part of the recent White House summit on Environmental Education on You Tube.  Worth a view if only for the unusual introduction by moderator Marcia McNutt to the Panel on 21st Century Environmentalism: Shaping the Emerging Vision for Environmental Education.

The composition of this panel is instructive: the ever-admirable and reliably-witty Judy Braus from NAAEE (I run her fanzine), a woman with dollars from Toyota, an educational consultant who writes for Time, a UCLA ecology prof, a Girl Scout organiser, and a bloke who might just have written a book with the ecologist (but the intro was ambiguous).

Not an actual teacher or school leader in sight; not any academics who might have had an informed overview of environmental education and research on it. Odd, I thought.

Would we do this differently here?  An idle question, of course, as will be obvious when we all think back to the last Downing Street summit on Environmental Education.

Now, when was that ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates, Talks and Presentations


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