How green is your poster?

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Here's an educational question, if not yet an existential one: should you laminate your poster, or not?   This will be a question which, for many, is a no-brainer in that it's obviously something not to do because it isn't actually necessary: lamination doesn't make the poster any easier to see or read, and it makes ethical disposal difficult if not impossible – by composting, for example, unless the laiminate is biodegradable – which it isn't.  And it inevitably adds to costs, significantly.

But laminated posters are more durable, aren't they, so if you're going to use the poster more than x times, then lamination might be wise and cost-effective.  Questions, questions, ...

So, it seems clear that if were biodegradable, the added cost marginal, and you need the poster again, then lamination might be considered.  There must be an algorithm here somewhere.

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