No such thing as a free education after all

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This week's Economist reports that the Scottish government is having to raid FE budgets (and other unspecified pots) to keep its universities afloat.

Scotland may be able to write education policies, but it is still subject to financing decisions made in Westminster.  University budgets for teaching are to be slashed by 40%, a gap that will be filled in England by raised tuition fees.  In Scotland, other pots are being plundered to ensure universities stay competitive with England’s.  A three-year funding settlement agreed in February will boost university coffers — but will cut spending on further education colleges and mature students by 14% and raid other budgets.

There's also a plan, it seems, to impose a management charge – that is, a fee – on a select group of foreigners  – that is, EU nationals – if the Eurocrats can be squared.  The paper notes ...

The Scottish Parliament has identified a £39 billion hole in its budget between now and 2025.  The price of free education is rising.

What larks!

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