German survey on hopes and challenges beyond 2014

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Earlier this year, a conference in Bonn, Education for Sustainable Development – international workshop ‘Horizon 2015’, organized by the German UNESCO Commission, asked around 50 participants to identify obstacles and resources (barriers and drivers) that could hinder or further the agreed vision for ESD, resulting in a commendably modest list of issues.  These have emerged as a survey for wider comment.

The SurveyMonkey link is here.

I completed it yesterday.  You have to rank the issues in order of importance, and the software leads you a merry dance until you get used to it; then it's rather good.  What you can’t do, however, is miss one out, or say ‘This is rubbish, it shouldn’t be in the list at all’; that’s the penalty of reacting to other people’s lists, of course, and e-systems.

At the end, you do get to compare your own thoughts with those of the crowd.  Two things stood out for me:

  • whilst I thought that “lessons learned on ESD implementation are being captured” ought to be significant as a driver, very few others did.  Maybe it’s the researcher in me ...
  • almost 25% of respondents put “increased commitment of education ministries” at the bottom of their driver rankings.  I had it at the top of mine.  Just old fashioned, I guess.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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