ESD in the UK national archives

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If you enter "environmental education" into a UK National Archive search you come up with 20 entries that start in 1972 with items about EE in Bournemouth and in Doncaster.  Prominent entries relate to the Belgrade and Tbilisi conferences.  Most entries relate to the 1970s, and there are none since 1986.

A trawl for ESD gives more results (26) but, prime facie, none relate to the ESD that we know; i.e. education in relation to sustainability.  Most relate to the Manpower Services Commission and the UK Atomic Energy Authority (and predecessors).  At least one refers to someone's initials in a divorce case.  Caveat Emptor ... .  Unsurprisingly, perhaps, given all this, there are no entries for "education for sustainable development".  Maybe in 25 years time ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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