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I've been catching up with Eco-school stats for England.   The Untidy Britain Group has a helpful league table showing the top twenty local authorities where Eco-school registrations are compared with the number of schools in a particular area.  Unsurprisingly, perhaps, 93% of Wigan's 132 schools are registered, which means that only a brave 9 institutions hold out against the flooding tide.  They surely deserve an award of their own.  For the record, 16,676 schools in England are now registered with Eco-Schools, and ~10% have green flags.

Top of the authority league, however, and likely to stay there for a good while, is the Isles of Scilly which is in the happy position of having its one school registered, thus ensuring an unbeatable 100%.  Huzzar!   Oddly, surely through some oversight, it doesn't yet have a green flag.

Posted in: News and Updates


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  • Ahoy there! Maybe too many flags on the Scilly Ises constitutes a shipping hazard, or unwanted visual pollution - 'flutter-litter'? Free the Wigan 9!!!