Southampton's Sustainability Videos

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I spent an enjoyable hour on Friday afternoon last week watching a dozen or so student videos that Simon Kemp kindly alerted the SHED network to.

Simon wrote ...

I would like to alert you to our ‘Sustainability Film Festival’ we are running today.  We asked all our students to make a 5 minute film on any sustainability issue, and … it’s amazing to see what students can do these days using just a mobile phone and some basic editing software.

Well, it is, ... and some of these were smartly put together as well as telling.  I particularly liked the critique of Apple in iSustainability, thinking it well-designed, punchy and rather witty.  It was made on an iPhone 5, for irony, and I watched it on a Mac for authenticity.  I thought the film on the Day after Tomorrow's Food was compelling.

Well done all.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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