Failing The Observer science quiz

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I took the Guardian / Observer science quiz at Christmas, and scored a miserable 8 out of 20.  Mind you, the questions had a lot to do with popular culture which never seems to be my strong suit these days (if it ever was).  Here are a few of the questions I got wrong (even though they were multiple choice):

  • Which Orange prize-winning author took ecstasy during a Channel 4 investigation into its supposed therapeutic uses?y
  • Which supermodel impressed Brian Cox with her knowledge of quantum physics at a showbiz soiree?
  • Which reality show judge had one of their songs played on Mars?
  • Which arcade game character did Nasa scientists find on Tethys, the fifth largest of Saturn’s moons?
  • What did researchers from the University of Wisconsin discover drove men’s friendships with women?

Despair ...

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