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I wrote the other day about a new publishing plan in the Routledge  ‘major works’ series.  The task is to provide an historical perspective and selection of resources that provide a sense of the breadth and depth of work in English carried out under the banner of Environmental Education.  They asked for suggestions under a number of headings.  Here are a few of my suggestions:

Compulsory reading
Huckle J (1983) Values education through Geography:  a radical critique, Journal of Geography, 82.2  59 – 63.

Greenall Gough A (1993) Founders in Environmental Education, Geelong, Deakin University Press.

Stables AWG (2001) Who Drew the Sky? Conflicting Assumptions in Environmental Education; Educational Philosophy and Theory 33.2  245 – 256

Game changers
Linke RD (1976) A case for indoctrination in environmental education, South Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 4.2  125 – 129

Fien J (1993) Environmental Education: a pathway to sustainability; Geelong: Deakin University Press

Robottom, I. and Hart, P. (1993), Research in Environmental Education: Engaging the Debate, Geelong, Deakin University Press
Overlooked gems
Uzzell, D., Davallon, J., Fontes, P.J., Gottesdiener, H., Jensen, B.B., Kofoed, J., Uhrenholdt, G. and Vognsen, C. (1994). Children as Catalysts of Environmental Change: Report of an Investigation on Environmental Education. Final Report. Brussels: European Commission.
Bak N (1995) Green Doesn't Always Mean ‘Go’: possible tensions in the desirability and implementation of environmental education Environmental Education Research 1.3  345 – 352

Connell S (1997) Empirical‐Analytical Methodological Research in Environmental Education: response to a negative trend in methodological and ideological discussions Environmental Education Research 3.2  117 – 132

Ones to avoid
Everything by X Y and Z.  You know who they are; and all the tedious stuff from Unesco since 2006.

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