Another World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day

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Personally, I’d rather hoped that one might be enough, but it seems not.  Friday, 8th February is the day, and details can be seen here.

This year's event has the theme "Sustainable Development: towards local solutions to a global challenge" and the Teach-In will display the papers presented at the World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities, held in Rio last June, bringing, according to the symposium convenor, Walter Leal,

“an impressive body of know-how and expertise on matters related to sustainability in higher education, to a world audience.”

It’s easy to join in.  Just visit the web site, register, and then log-in. You can then download the papers and "use them in your lectures".  Simples!

The benefit of this, apparently, is that ...

“university lecturers from, say, Canada, may be able to show a presentation to students on sustainability at universities in Australia.  To the same measures, lecturers at a university in Australia may choose and make a presentation on sustainability initiatives at universities in Chile.  Or perhaps ask students to discuss how the activities undertaken at their home universities compare with universities elsewhere.  Either way, both teaching staff and university students have an unique opportunity to interact on a topic which is global in scope, but local on its implementation.”

In characteristically modest style, Walter says,

"There are seldom such occasions when the world sustainability community may come together, at no cost to anyone, and may learn from one another in a truly international and interdisciplinary way".

Inspiring – or what?

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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