Oak, Furrows, and Mink

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The Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre is a charity based in Gloucestershire.  Its aim is to

"provide care for wild animals in need so that they can be returned to the wild fit and healthy for a second chance.”

They are busy; in 2010 they dealt with nearly 3500 animals.  These patients (for that's what they call them) ranged across toads [1], little egrets [2], woodcock [5], goldfinches [18], jackdaws [40], badgers [62], collared doves [74], rabbits [95], seagulls [129], feral pigeons [221], swans [303], ducks [339], and hedgehogs [441].

Also included was [1] mink.  I hope that wasn't returned "fit and healthy" to the wild for a "second chance" to wreak havoc on native species.

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