Re-visiting the Neo-Late-Neolithic at Stonehenge

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English Heritage is currently building a new visitor centre at Stonehenge (with civilised toilets; thanks be to the druids).  It is due to open later this year.  Outside the main exhibition centre there will be an external gallery featuring some recreated late Neolithic houses.  More detail on this project is here.  And for those wanting insights into neo-late-Neolithic re-builds – a rather grand, grand design –  there are informative blogs.   I expect much Gortex®, Polartec®, and the like, was to be found amidst the flint axes and hazel poles.  I've always found these comforting when messing with the Neolithic in winter.

Posted in: New Publications, News and Updates

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  • I find it quite amazing that we know our ancestors had the organisational skills and woodworking techniques (i.e. mortise and tenon joints found on the top of the Sarsen Stones and Lintels), but according to 'the experts' live in mud huts which doesn't utilise these skill sets.

    Its like a modern day electrician living in a house with access to the mains fuse box, but only using candles for heating and light - possible, but very unlikely. I have an O'level in woodwork and I could easily build a log cabin (using just mortise and tenon joints) and if I had animals (because they stink) I would put them in a straw outhouse with a fire to keep them warm and the foxes and wolfs away - but would not have a clue how to start to build Stonehenge, even with my university education.

    So much for experimental archaeology Bill.