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I've blogged before on our modest contribution to the UK's energy demands through the solar PV array that is Semington A. January saw us pass 7MWHr of production and we have been joined by Semingtons B to L as there are now (at least) 12 solar systems in the village.  It strikes me that very little of the electricity produced will ever leave the village, as neighbours get first use (after the host house itself) of what is generated.  On a quiet sunny afternoon, this is likely to contribute significantly to what the village actually consumes.

For the rest of the time, however, we're as reliant as ever on all those neutrons at Hinckley Point B (closing in 2016), the gas and coal at Didcot A (closing in 2015), and uber (55%) efficient gas units at Didcot B (actually staying open).  I'm told that, one of these days, the country may even have an energy policy.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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