Mark Avery's narrow view

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I've been nudged towards Mark Avery's blog which I didn't know about, but, then, I suppose he knows even less about me.  Avery is an Ex-RSBP Director of Conservation, and much more.

I was struck by the following passage, which is part of a posting about the plethora of Wildlife NGOs:

If there are too many wildlife NGOs (as I believe, and as some of you believe) then how will mergers or closer working come about?

There are four major stakeholders involved: the senior staff in the NGOs, their trustees and their members – oh yes, and the Nature whose conservation we all want.  But Nature doesn’t have a voice and so one or more of the other three need to speak up for Nature.  However, it is worth mentioning Nature because that should be a beneficiary of the decisions of the other three players. ...

This caught my eye because of its narrow view, and what I see as a missing stakeholder set.  That is, all those people who are neither staff (junior as well as senior), trustees, nor members; that is, everyone else.  From some NGO points of view, looking quite narrowly, that might be everyone in a town or a county.  However, if the NGO has a sustainability-focused vision that views matters much more broadly, or even holistically, it's likely to be everyone else – all of humanity, including the unborn and unbegot.  We do all have a very personal stake in this world.

How myopic; how revealing.

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