Anti-Neo-Liberals dust off their papers

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I was disappointed to see EER's going ahead with a special issue devoted to how terrible neo-liberals are.  After much editorial board tooing and froing about the pros (not many, I felt) and cons (too many to list) of the issue, it got the go-ahead.  I failed to see any merit at all in the proposal as I could not see where 'research' came into it.  It looked like another thinly disguised excuse to rubbish the views of anyone who has the temerity to see social value in competition, markets and trade.  It also looked as if, yet again, the liberal baby (which I'm quite attached to) was to go the way of the neo-liberal bathwater.  I fear that the usual suspects will already have blown the dust off their yellowing manuscripts, ready for that extra spell-check which is their idea of originality.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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