A Right Royal Charter

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I don't know!  You leave the country for a few days to bask in UNESCO's world heritage beneficence, and when you return you find Parliament proposing to overthrow hundreds of years of hard-won press freedoms.  Not only that, but blogs are to be regulated as well as the organs of the Lord Coppers of this world.  Section 4.1.b.ii of the draft Royal Charter says that relevant publishers include:

"a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)".

Even Mum'snet is worried!  One measure of whether a press is free is whether politicians are wary of it – and of blogs (not mine, of course).  In totalitarian countries all this works the other way round.  We seem to have travelled a long way in a short time, and not in a good direction.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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