NUS to save the planet and the world

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I've been watching the new promotional video from the NUS green (ethics & environment) team.  It's here,  and was well received at  the recent EUAC conference.  It's RSA-Animate in style, but more breathless (and Welsh).

Now, like Hefce (but for different reasons), I'm a fan of the NUS, thinking that it does innovative and very necessary things around sustainability in HE and FE institutions across the UK, and mostly for the right reasons.  What gets done tends to be rather ESD1, but there are a lot of things that need changing; anyway, NUS doesn't actually run universities and colleges, and what they do do is usually carried out in partnership with management.  But you'd not know this from the video which gives the impression that it's student unions and the NUS that are the agents of change, with universities and colleges themselves, and their staff, having little to do with it.

Perhaps NUS knows more ...

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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