The party may soon be over

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The Economist has a piece last week on academic journal publishing:

It begins,

AT THE beginning of April, Research Councils UK, a conduit through which the government transmits taxpayers’ money to academic researchers, changed the rules on how the results of studies it pays for are made public. From now on they will have to be published in journals that make them available free — preferably immediately, but certainly within a year.

In February the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy told federal agencies to make similar plans.  A week before that, a bill which would require free access to government-financed research after six months had begun to wend its way through Congress.  The European Union is moving in the same direction.  So are charities. And SCOAP, a consortium of particle-physics laboratories, libraries and funding agencies, is pressing all 12 of the field’s leading journals to make the 7,000 articles they publish each year free to read.  For scientific publishers, it seems, the party may soon be over.

I think I may have to start charging for my reviews, if, that is, ...

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