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On a recent pilgrimage to Norfolk I was sidetracked by visiting a micro brewery near to Walsingham.  It was an inspiring place, sustainability speaking. The barley was grown in adjacent fields and malted locally, the water came from the brewery's own bore hole, the hops were East Anglian, and the brewery itself was a re-use of old farm buildings.

And, as if this were not enough, the beer was wonderfully well balanced with great depth of flavour and a long finish – especially the India Pale Ale; clearly, this was knot just another IPA.

I wondered how all this was possible, given that this was a novice brewer.  How so much had been achieved, sustainability-speaking.  Sadly, the brewer wasn't there, and so I wasn't able to ask her.  Had she been, I would, of course, have quizzed her about the ESD in her training, and about the help she'd received from external quality assurance agencies telling her what to do, and offering detailed guidance on how to do it, as surely none of this could have been possible without these.

Sadly, I remain ignorant of these matters – but at least I came away with some beer.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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