Udi and Kelly go mainstream

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Those of us following Kelly Teamey and Udi Mandel's progress round the globe via their blog will not have been particularly informed by last week's piece in the THE, even though we might have been a little bit disappointed at its uncritical nature – it is the THE, after all, and K & U are making some big claims about what they are doing.

If you're new to all this, then a look at their short 'taster' film is a good idea to get some insight into what they're up to.

The TES piece ends:

The pair’s documentary, Enlivened Learning, will be completed by May 2014 and will be distributed free online.  “Our intention is to encourage accessible and critical debate on higher education around the world,” explains Teamey, “and open up imaginative possibilities of what learning can be.”

As an ex-colleague of Kelly's (with shared research activities going back years), I'll be alerting the ESD establishment (QAAHEA that is) to this.  Meanwhile, view on ...

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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