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PlantsOut! is a pressure group formed to resist the steady rise in non-English plants found in the countryside, gardens, planters, window boxes and vases generally.

Today, their website announces a new partnership with UKIP to resist the flood of Bulgarian, Rumanian and Croatian plant varieties that will arrive as EU immigration rules are relaxed because of widening membership.  PlantsOut! spokesperson for diversity and purity, Dr Jonathan Oldbuck, said that this policy development should not be seen in a crude nationalistic sense.

"We are not advocating English plants just for the English.  Far from it, the glory of England's native flora should be open to all who want to pay to see it, and Plantsout welcomes foreign visitors – providing [i] they don't bring their plants with them, and [ii] don't forget to go home again!"

Dr Oldbuck said that PlantsOut! planned to partner with other wildlife charities in a remorseless drive against invasive species such as:

Japanese Knotweed,    Himalayan Balsam,    Parrot's Feather,    Floating Pennywort,    Himalayan Knotweed, False Acacia,    Curly Waterweed,    Shallon,    Water Primroses, Pirri-pirri-bur,    Large Flowered Waterweed,    Spanish bluebells,  , ...

... and annoying Dutch flowers of all kinds, especially gaudy daffodils.

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