A man with his brains caught in the mangle

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I guess only a man (or perhaps a 'new man') could have written the claptrap that appeared in the Daly News the other day.  I can hardly bear to copy it.  He's describing going back to hand washing laundry using cold water and "soap", a bucket, an agitator, and a mangle (wringer).  He says it's "fun".  Here's a taste ...

On the economizing front, the wringer, clothesline, and bucket are old-school technologies that draw energy from only the sun and a bit of personal labor. And there’s much less embedded energy in these tools than in a washer/dryer combo. A note about the labor: I thought it would be a more of a chore, but so far it’s been fun. There’s a degree of mindfulness that comes with washing clothes this way, and it doesn’t take very long.

There is little steady about this state.  It was my grandmother's life, and a hard one at that.  What a bleak future.  Thank goodness the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (and a good few others) have other ideas about what the future might hold.

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