Educate business leaders in line with UN development goals

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This was the thrust of an FT Soapbox piece the other day.  It said: Management education must produce leaders who can lead companies in line with UN development goals.  In particular, the article arued that ...

"Business school deans need to grasp with passion and courage the leadership role they have to play in continuing to nurture curriculum change in their institutions for sustainability and social purpose."

It went on to say that,

"Business leaders need to give an even louder voice to their demands for a different kind of business graduate and make this clear in the way they recruit MBAs and purchase executive education.  ... .  The right kind of management education will have a central role to play in achieving the sustainable development goals – it is a key building block in the architecture of a better world."

Indeed; it's asking a lot for HE to do all this on its own, as the FT acknowledged.  Whilst the piece saw the crucial importance of the pull from business, whether through accreditation processes, or more informally, there was no mention of the value of a push from students themselves.  Oddly, there was no mention in the FT about students at all.  It was as if they do not matter in any of this.  What a curious state of affairs – a blank spot, I fear.

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