Enlightenment anyone? The clue is in the name

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A new campaign c/o The Art of Positive Change:

A new social media campaign, launched as a result of the Powered by Nature Awards – an initiative of IUCN CEC and ALCOA – encourages people to turn off their lights and turn on their senses.   With cheeky humour and simple graphics, the campaign “Better in the Dark” invites community contributions to the question: What things are better in the dark? Stargazing? Hide and seek? Sleeping?   Once appliances are switched off, so the story, we can finally see the stars and connect to  nature and the people around us.   Ultimately, this will help us to save energy and take better care of our environment.   Mostly, “Better in the Dark” is an invitation to engage playfully with sustainability and experiment: What happens when we turn the switch?    The accompanying video provides one possible answer (skinny dipping).  For those that need more light in this situation, it continues, LED torches might be the way to go. From the campaign description: “When the time for new light comes, we will waste no rays.  The sun shall power our lives, and no longer will we burn up the dark energy from deep below. ” Check out the “Better in the Dark” campaign at www.betterinthedark.com or on Facebook and Twitter.

Madness, of course, no matter how "playful": muggings, burglaries, road accidents, rapes, lootings, twisted ankles, broken bones, and more.  All these will increase.  What is it with this nostalgia for the benighted squalor and dangers of the middle ages?  Why did we bother having an Enlightenment?  Well, the clue is in the name ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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