The Manifesto we all want – last word

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Well, the last word from me on the "Enabling the future we want: education for sustainable development in the UK – a manifesto for dialogue, collaboration and action post Rio+20".  I am sure that others will have things to say about it, but I have said enough with my three posts last week: [i] /  [ii] /  [iii].  I had planned to comment on what the paper had to say about learning, but I confess my heart's not in it as it's so badly written. I cannot now go to the launch, either, even though it will be tremendously successful.

I do wonder what mechanisms will be set up, and by whom, to monitor developments (I refrain from invoking the notion of progress).  After all, the point of the manifesto is to get others to do things, so someone will need to keep an eye on this.  As it's never clear whose manifesto this is, that might be quite tricky.  I'm expect ing turf wars.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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