Free social learning towards a sustainable world

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The day began with a free vintage (c. 2007) e-book offer from Arjen Wals: Social learning towards a sustainable world.  The publisher's blurb begins with commendable understatement:

"This comprehensive volume – containing 27 chapters and contributions from six continents  presents and discusses key principles, perspectives, and practices of social learning in the context of sustainability.  Social learning is explored from a range of fields challenged by sustainability including: organizational learning, environmental management and corporate social responsibility; multi-stakeholder governance; education, learning and educational psychology; multiple land-use and integrated rural development; and consumerism and critical consumer education.  An entire section of the book is devoted to a number of reflective case studies of people, organizations and communities using forms of social learning in moving towards sustainability."

It continues with an extract from Capra, F's Foreword:

"This book brings together a range of ideas, stories, and discussions about purposeful learning in communities aimed at creating a world that is more sustainable than the one currently in prospect. …  The book is designed to expand the network of conversations through which our society can confront various perspectives, discover emerging patterns, and apply learning to a variety of emotional and social contexts."

And ends with a part of Apple, M's Afterword:

"Joining what is so clear and refreshing in this book with the larger movements toward a critically democratic and activist education that is worthy of its name, is but one step in the struggle for sustainability. But it is an essential step if we are to use the insights that are included in this book."

… which I don't begin to understand.  But it is free.

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