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I commented a while back on draft guidance produced by HEAQAA experts.  This included 50+ (E)SD learning outcomes for students leaving universities.   In my response, I raised a number of issues about their content and about who they were for – and about who was going to be teaching it all.

I've just read the comments on the guidance that Stephen Sterling has made, and which he sent to SHED SHARE the other day.  I'd say that they will be a sobering read for the HEAQAA group.  Very oddly, Stephen was not deemed suitable to be a member of the expert group, which is a strange exclusion given that he is the country's leading expert on these matters.  Politicking, I presumed.

Well, the intellectual clarity of Stephen's critique illustrates the folly of his exclusion.  I'd say that HEAQAA should just accept his edits with as much humility as they can muster.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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