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The Hefce consultation meeting is over.  As for, my question ...

In 2009, Hefce said this: “It remains our view that the greatest contribution that universities and colleges can make to sustainable development is through the values, skills and knowledge that students learn and put into practice.” Why has this sentiment been omitted from the current draft document?

… well, it got through the technology – which worked very well.

The discussion at the end was effective, I felt, largely because people were linking their points with others that had been made, and drawing issues together. Well done all those who were there.

Hefce's Andrew Smith said that "Hefce's not here to solve all your problems." Well, maybe not (actually, definitely not), but I did think they were "our" problems, and that a degree of common cause was always part of the Hefce stance.  Tricky, of course.  There was something of a comparison between the NHS and Hefce in terms of effecting change which was instructive.  But, of course, we don't have a National University Service – thank goodness – and so Hefce is always going to be limited in what it, itself, can do.  Its in the catalysing, stimulating, exemplifying, encouraging business, but not the proselytising or instructing one.

What's clear however, is that Hefce needs our help so that it can help us.  Today sounded as if this was being done.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates, Talks and Presentations


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