A cool look at global warming

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Reserve your seats now.  The Lord Lawson of Blaby is coming to Bath to bad mouth the idea of climate change.  Here is his "cool" Abstract:

The long-known scientific fact that there is a greenhouse effect and that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas has given rise to one of the outbreaks of collective madness to which mankind has been subject throughout recorded history.
In an ostensibly irreligious age, a new pseudo-religion has come into being, with all the fanaticism of the worst religious zealotry of the past. With little credible foundation in science, and none in either economics or practical politics, a wholly irrational apocalyptic alarmism has led to the adoption of policies which are both damaging and immoral.  The talk will examine the various aspects of this insanity.

Most times you go to a seminar to be informed; but sometimes you go for the sheer theatre of it.

It's the 18th of March – 1630 to 1800.  You can book a seat here.   I shall see you there.

Posted in: News and Updates, Talks and Presentations


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  • I wonder if he will refer to the 'collective madness' of of behaving as though a finite earth can accommodate several other exponential trajectories of the impact of human activity, irrespective of those on climate? Exponential economic growth underlies most of these impacts. How can the collision of infinite trajectories with finite limits be regarded as 'irrational' or 'apocalyptic'? It seems like straightforward mathematics!